Presentation guideline

Oral presentations

Oral presentations have been organised by session convenors and the scientific committee. All sessions take place live in Zoom meetings. No prior upload of the presentation is required.

The session schedule and the links to each session for each day are available at the Landscape 2021 Virtual Venue.The link to the virtual venue will be provided to each participant the week before the conference.

Upcoming sessions can also be saved in the Virtual Venue to your schedule by clicking the ♡ symbol on the top right corner of the session title. Please note that each session structure is different; please refer to the schedule structure and order of presentations to see what time each presenter is expected to start and the duration of session segments.

Links to any relevant tools will be distributed by the session convenors in the Zoom chat. Please ensure you are logged on and online 10-15 minutes before the start of the session, in order to test the platform connection before the start of the session.

Presenters of oral presentations are allowed to and recommended to enter the Zoom session about 15 minutes before the start of the session to have the opportunity to test sound and microphone settings. Specific information on how to enter the Zoom session will be provided on an individual basis

You can use the Landscape2021 logo for your presentations Landscape 2021 logo

Poster presentations

Poster Submission Instructions and Guidelines

We are looking forward to displaying the different posters covering a multitude of subjects throughout the sessions and the dedicated poster page, and want to make sure your poster looks its very best throughout the Landscape 2021 conference.

Your posters will be displayed to all participants in the poster area of the virtual venue for the duration of the conference.
Additionally we reserved a special time slot on Monday, 20 and Tuesday, 21 September, 2-2:30pm CEST for poster time. During poster time, you are invited to be present in the chat in your poster area and discuss your work with the other participants.

Poster upload via this website from 1 September to 16 September 2021. Please follow the instructions here.

The upload can only be done by the submitter of the abstract. If you are presenting a poster contribution but have not submitted the abstract, please contact the submitter and ask him/her to upload the poster.

To maximize the compatibility of your poster in session and in the dedicated Virtual Venue space, please submit your poster as PDF only. Since the Landscape 2021 conference will take place virtually, we recommend submitting your poster in landscape orientation; this will ensure a better on-screen fit during sessions, presentations and within the Virtual Venue, but portrait orientation is also acceptable. When saving your poster as a PDF, make sure the following requirements are met to correctly display the poster content:

  • only text, images (only embedded as JPG, GIF, or PNG), tables, and lists are primarily used
  • all fonts are fully embedded
  • the file is saved as PDF/A (without embedding links, audio or video files)

Please make sure your poster does not contain any of the following:

  • interactive content
  • forms
  • videos
  • navigation
  • blend mode
  • patterns and gradients
  • ICC colour profiles
  • protected fonts
  • double pages
  • encryption or password protection

You can use the Q&A section to provide the link to a self-generated video meeting
If you feel the need to provide some additional content on your poster, you can provide a link in the Q&A-section in your poster area. Here, you can propose a video session for live exchange with your public, share a recorded video or a link to your project website.
Please note: the organising team of Landscape 2021 cannot facilitate or offer access to video conferencing systems for poster time. You will have to provide a video conferencing session via your own account. Thank you!