Submission for a online marketplace

Submission open until 15 July 2021

The marketplace of Landscape 2021 will give the opportunity to researchers and practitioners to present relevant platforms and science-based tools and products. On a special section of the conference website, researchers and exhibitors are welcome to showcase their projects, businesses, tools and products related to agricultural landscape management, such as apps, decision support tools, and private governance solutions

Additionally to this virtual marketplace, a live session is scheduled in the program of Landscape 2021. During the market place live session, you are invited to discuss your products and ideas with conference participants.

The fee for the online marketplace booth is 120 Euro. The registration of a marketplace booth includes restricted access to the conference for one person. For full access to the conference sessions, please additionally register as a participant.

Please submit your application for an online marketplace booth until 15 July 2021 with this template by email to